Enabling digital transformation and double carbon compliance
The carbon neutral path based on the Industrial Internet is fully aligned with the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises and achieves dual carbon standards
All-In Data Platform
The big data computing engine of All-In Data Platform achieves one-click deployment of data infrastructure, and enterprises and organizations can configure it as needed, and expand dynamically in real time, thus achieving composition based application and full automation; providing full-stack data processing capabilities from data access, data governance, machine learning, big data analysis to visualization, and helping enterprises build intelligent data systems with unified standards, data assets, data services and closed-loop control and optimization, and achieving full-stack business values from description, to diagnosis, prediction and decision-making.
Taking data-driven and data-use integration as the core starting point, based on the component architecture, it provides agile analysis and codeless development capabilities to help enterprises build the next generation enterprise-level application development platform; breaking the limitations of traditional BI and dashboards, which only stay in data visualization and reporting, All-In Low Code Platform can quickly achieve interactive analysis and simulation and optimization, and users can adjust the analysis dimension at any time as needed to generate analytical  results in seconds; Hundreds of industry and scenario templates have been built in to meet the diverse needs of customers.
All-In Technology provides Advanced Performance Management (APM) and Field Service Management (FSM), which integrate with equipment, production lines, factories, suppliers, industries and users, enabling smart manufacturing and end-to-end supply chain collaborations.
All-In Technology pioneered the Event Net technology to build dynamic network models of enterprise operations such as production, supply, sales, finance and labor force as well as external events. Combined with industry know-how, it can quickly generate enterprise data assets, greatly improve the efficiency and quality of decision optimization, help enterprises and organizations to optimally allocate and leverage resources, and achieve real Decision Intelligence DI.
All-In Low Code Platform
Event Net
AI Decision-Making
Based on big data analysis and artificial intelligence, it helps enterprises to make quantitative analysis and to optimize business decisions.
AI Production
AI Supply Chain
AI marketing
AI Finance
AI Coordination

Learn more about  AI Finance
Learn more about  AI Coordination
Coordiate production steps, optimize production scheduling, achieve lean manufacturing, and enable enterprises for digital transformation.
Break through the latency and cost bottleneck of the traditional supply chain, and effectively connect and coordinate decision points of the supply chain. Decision Intelligence based on data can improve supply chain efficiency and reduce costs.
Combine big data and AI technology, achieve data full coverage around "people-goods-market", and help enterprises achieve digital transformation and marketing upgrading.
Digital Financial Twins, provides the basis for enterprise decision-making, and improves the efficiency and benefit of financial management.

By modeling the business and operational processes of the enterprise, the forecasting ability of the enterprise can be improved, allowing enterprise managers to know the business situation, potential risks and the root causes of events in a timely and comprehensive manner.
Industry Solutions
Committed to building a growth engine for enterprises in the digital economy era
Consumer electronics
Food industry
Financial industry
Construction industry
Equipment manufacturing
Steel industry
Petrochemical industry
Coal industry
Consumer electronics
Create solutions in end-to-end scenarios of consumer electronics manufacturing industry. Through digitalized R&D, procurement process optimization and scheduling optimization, the whole process of consumer electronics manufacturing will be more intelligent, and data-driven business will grow more efficiently.

Food industry
Build a digital marketing system around enterprise operations, provide all-round digital decision-making supports from channels, consumers, marketing activities, inventory, etc.
Financial industry
Build enterprise-level digital twins around the business scenarios of the financial industry, and provide all-round digital decision-making supports from financial product marketing optimization, compliance management, risk prevention and control, investment optimization assistance, etc.

Construction industry
Inventory all the project assets of the enterprise, form a digital asset management system, analyze and warn major risks and hidden dangers in advance through big data technology.

Equipment manufacturing

Build a data-driven full-scenario optimization engine for heavy machinery manufacturing enterprises, covering supply chain, design, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and after-sales service, and provide support to real-time, accurate and globally optimized decisions.

Steel industry

Assist iron and steel enterprises to optimize their business decisions in local and global scenarios, and assist them to optimize the whole supply chain, capital assets, ore balance, ore blending, and steel product mix, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency in an all-round way.
Petrochemical industry
Support petrochemical enterprises with business management decision optimizations across business scenarios, including crude oil procurement, production and processing, planning and scheduling, sales and supply chain.

Coal industry

Accurately depict mining, processing, transportation, logistics, upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, simulate the complex production and operation scenarios of enterprises, and reconstruct and optimize business operations driven by data.

Comprehensive data security solution
Ensure enterprise data security
Data governance and security

Classification policy

Safety risk assessment

Security system certification
Define data governance and security norms and policies; control access and sharring of sensitive data assets.

The classification policy can easily be customizd, allowing sensitive data identification, classification, encryption and desensitization. The system provides anomaly detection, audit monitoring and early warning, etc., to ensure enterprise data security.

Conduct security risk assessment for the end-to-end process of data collection, access, use, transmission and sharing, and build a comprehensive security defense system;

Fully comply with the information system and data security certification requirements, and ensure enterprise data security.

Digital twins
aPaaS technology
Knowledge graph

Decision Intelligence
Quantitative analysis of
big data
Data security
Technical support
Continuously optimize industry experience with data technology, and unleash value of digital transformation for enterprises.

We sincerely invite interested providers of related technologies and products to join this mission of delivering values of big data for digital transformations, establishing win-win collaborations.

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